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Breakdowns are a fact of life when you are a career truck driver. They will happen at the worst possible time and probably in the worst possible place, it’s like Murphy’s Law in action. You can still be prepared and handle the whole situation like a pro and get back on the road as soon as possible. Don’t worry we are here 24/7 to fix your truck and put you back on the road.

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Mobile diesel mechanic

Whatever problems arise, a 24-hour mobile diesel mechanic can be dispatched to your location for the quick fix. Yet if a smaller car or truck needs to be taken to a shop, well, they make for easy tows. It’s not any fun when a semi has to be taken to another location, and of course, there are those deadlines. Our Mobile mechanics are available for all types of trucks.

Mobile Semi-Truck Repair

If you drive a semi-truck, you might have fallen in love with this kind of work. You get to move around, be largely on your own, and see various parts of the state or country you live in.The whole idea of a our mobile semi-truck service is that we can drive out to wherever you are. Our services are there and ready for you.

Mobile Truck Road Service

Loads are time sensitive, and you need a reliable mechanic service that can handle repairs in a timely manner.  You want a truck mechanic that don’t waste any time. You can count on 24-hour mobile truck roadside assistance when you’re in a jam. we offer 24-hour mobile truck roadside assistance can really save the day.

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24 hour truck repair
Truck Breakdown service

Fast Service

We know your company is trusting us to do what is necessary with the time value to ensure you stay on the road. Truck Reapir Expert's goal is to ensure you are receiving a fast service and value every time you come to us.

Roadside Assistance

Are you looking for a reliable Mobile Diesel Mechanic,Mobile Semi-Truck Repair and Mobile Truck Road Service Call to Truck Repair Expert.

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Our Service covers the following locations: Allen, Dallas, Garland, Sachse, Irving, Wylie, Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Oakland, Los Angeles and Atlanta

What to Do if You Have an Extensive Issue While on the Road

It’s definitely an advantage when a repair can be made on the fly. And when you contact a mobile mechanic, you’re counting on the technician having all the necessary tools and parts on hand to do the job. Our experienced professional are waiting your call.

What to Do if You Have an Extensive Issue While on the Road
mobile truck road service

Diesel Mechanic

Mobile Diesel Mechanic

mobile truck road service

Truck Tire Service

Mobile Truck Tire Service

mobile truck road service


Mobile Semi-Truck Repair

mobile truck road service

Road Service

Mobile Truck Road Service

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Our extensive Roadside Assistance during a breakdown is our commitment to making sure every driver understands each repair needed, you can thrust Truck Repair Expert to take care of everything.

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Truck Repair Expert provides a variety of mobile mechanic services in different areas. Specializing in 24 hour mobile diesel mechanic, Truck Road service, semi-truck repair services, we have the necessary tools, parts, and experience to get your truck or trailer back on the road in just hours — instead of days.

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